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How many parts is the waste gas and waste liquid incinerator grate divided into?

2019-12-17 09:24:42

How to solve the fire break of waste gas and waste liquid incinerator?

Waste gas and waste liquid incinerator technology mainly includes gasification, pyrolysis and incineration. Among them, the incineration method has the advantages of large capacity, fast processing speed, simple process, good capacity reduction, reduction and sterilization effect, and it can convert the chemical energy in waste into electrical energy, which has been developed rapidly in recent years. The environmental risk of incineration method has always been the focus of all sectors of society. Gb18485-2014 pollution control standard for domestic waste incineration puts forward stricter standards for pollutant discharge. The stable operation of the waste gas incinerator and the complete combustion of garbage are the key to control the generation of pollutants and improve the economic operation of the enterprise. Due to the unclassified collection of urban domestic garbage and the large change of garbage components, the stable operation of incinerator is more difficult, even affecting the discharge of pollutants, seriously affecting the social image and economic benefits of the enterprise.

The waste gas and waste liquid incinerator is used to treat 400t domestic waste per day, and Martin two-stage reverse and forward reciprocating grate is used. The whole incinerator grate is divided into upper and lower sections: the upper section is in forward operation mode, the lower section is in reverse operation mode, the upper and lower sections are connected by longitudinal walls, and the tail is set with baffles to adjust the thickness of the material layer. The grate is hydraulically controlled and arranged in two rows of steps. Each row is divided into three zones: the first zone is dry zone, the second zone is combustion zone and the third zone is burnout zone; there are four air chambers under the grate, the first air chamber is arranged in the upper grate, the second, third and fourth air chambers are arranged in the lower grate; the grate is fixed in one row and installed alternately. By adjusting the moving speed of the grate, the residence time of garbage on the grate and the burning speed of garbage can be adjusted.

Waste gas and waste liquid incinerator


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