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Why does the exhaust gas incinerator grate cut off the fire?

2019-12-17 09:24:42

During the commissioning and operation of the waste gas incinerator grate, there are two kinds of fire breaks in the waste incinerator: one is a slight fire break, when this happens, the furnace temperature drops about 60 ℃ ~ 100 ℃, when the fire bed is in place, the furnace temperature rises back to normal; the other is a serious fire break, with a large drop in the furnace temperature, more than 100 ℃, even the flame is only on the upper grate, and the waste on the lower grate is only sporadic Ignition point.

Causes of slight fire interruption: first, there is a small change in the low calorific value (effective calorific value) of the garbage on a wet basis; second, the garbage calorific value is normal, and the fire condition is good, but the grate stop time is not suitable, too long and not adjusted in time, resulting in a short fire bed, resulting in a slow ignition of new materials and a decrease in furnace temperature after garbage feeding.

The causes of serious fire break of waste gas incinerator are analyzed as follows:

(1) The effective calorific value of waste varies greatly. The garbage at the bottom of the garbage pit is immersed in the percolate, the garbage at the top of the garbage pit is not fermented well, the percolate does not seep out, and the moisture content of the garbage is high, resulting in low effective calorific value of the garbage and slow ignition.

(2) The fire bed is seriously short, so that the new garbage will extinguish the fire on the grate or the new garbage can not be ignited in time. With the movement of the grate, if a large number of unburned garbage in the upper grate is pushed to the ignition place of the lower grate, the heat and mass transfer of the garbage combustion process is blocked, resulting in a sharp reduction of the oxygen content around the ignited garbage in the lower grate, and accompanied by a sharp drop in temperature, the flame is very easy to extinguish.

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